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Thread: Felurian Rose

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    Felurian Rose

    Copy and Paste Application:

    1) What led you to this website? A friend and streamer, SixFootGelfling

    2) Have you heard of the Midnight Reveries Gaming Community before? I admit that I have not. I am not knowledgeable about many of the existent gaming communities.

    3) Do you know any current members of the guild or the greater Midnight Reveries Gaming Community? Off the top of my head, I know one known to me as SixFootGelfling, Gelf or Gelfling.

    4) What attracted you to MR? I'm looking for a change of pace and some folks to help me put some meaning into the hours I pour into this game.

    5) What is your experience with role-play? Via MMO, I can admit that it isn't a lot. But I meet with a group every Sunday to toss some dice and live a different life (or many as I tend to end up getting my characters killed) and I've done some forum roleplay in the past. I guess my experience with role-play is that I'm a 27 year old D&D fanatic who has been Role-playing soldily since 2007 and lightly for about 5 years before that.

    6) Does your character have an RP backstory yet? If so, can you share your prewritten work or summarize the details? Nothing yet, I aim to sit down and write something for her soon. She's a paladin and I'll probably know more as I choose a spec for her.

    7) Your character just walked past a dark alleyway where an old woman was being heckled by a gang of five thugs. They appear to have taken her coin purse and are causing her physical harm. What does your character do? Write a short role-play ending to this scene.

    || Felurian walked down the crowded streets of Stormwind, a chilly breeze pushing her brilliantly red hair into her face. She sighed and stepped to the edge of an alley to adjust it. That was when she heard it. Raucous laughter and shrieks floated out of the dark alley, easily lost in the bustle of foot traffic that passed by. Moving her hand to the haft of her hammer, she steeled her resolve and stepped deeper into the shadows between the two buildings. The scene that awaited her unfolded more clearly the deeper that she delved. A gang of thugs, five of them from the look of things, had beset an old woman. They had taken her coin purse and were counting the meager coppers that she had, sharing them among their pack. Three of the brutes were shoving her hard, back and forth. "Five of those coppers says she falls before she gets back to you Rowland!", one of the thugs guffawed. Summoning the strength of The Light, Felurian stepped from the shadows. Her hammer glowed with holy light, causing her eyes to glint in the shadows. "Gentlemen, it appears that you are in violation of the laws of the Light and of the City of Stormwind. I am prepared to overlook that, for the price of your coin purses and the safe return of that elder." She pointed a hand, motes of light shimmering and swirling around it, towards the elderly woman. "Your other option is far less diplomatic and could result in your death. The choice, however, is yours." She took a menacing step forward as she spoke and then waited for the thugs to decide.||

    8) Pretend that your character serves a King. You love your kingdom, but disagree with a new law that has recently been enacted. What does your character do? Would you put your feelings or opinions aside and simply abide by the new law? Would you ignore or defy the law? Would you actively lobby for change? Feel free to answer this question in-character or out. Felurian would serve. She may not like the law. But she would attempt to see the reasons behind the choice and, if she did defy it then she would do so as silently as she could while working to enact change for the better. Even a simple amendment is enough to cause major change and she would likely start there.

    9) What are your favorite aspects of WoW? (PvP, PvE, RP, Leveling, Etc.) Feel free to elaborate. I love PVE and it is the only MMO I have found that accepts RP as more than just 'the crazies'. Leveling is fun to a point, but I am a collector. Cool gear. Cool mounts. Cool pets. I like that all of that is there and really, it can all be chalked up to in-game reasons (especially with Garrisons).

    10) What other WoW guild(s) have you been a member of? What caused you to leave? Have you ever been removed from a guild? I have been removed for inactivity (I had been away for some years prior to coming back this summer) but never for violations. I cannot give an accurate or detailed list, but I have been a member of as few guilds as possible. I attempt to find and stick with the 'good ones'. When I have left it has been due to finding a better guild, but I doubt I will find a better one to suit my needs.

    11) Most of our weekly guild events start at 9pm Eastern Standard Time. Will you be able to attend events in this timeslot? (note: this will not exclude you from membership) My schedule is really up in the air right now. I'm a college student and I've just recently joined my local community theatre group. 9est is 8 my time, so I should usually be around to join in, unless homework or a social life prevents it (which I don't have much of a social life)

    12) The primary goal for our guild outside of building lasting real life friendships, is RP. While we will dabble in raiding, it will likely be one night a week maximum, and rated PVP content will mostly come from arenas. Are you comfortable with a slow progression environment? I am. I don't actually enjoy or, if possible, participate in PvP at all. And I'm good with slower raid progression because I've never been into end game very heavily as I would prefer to enjoy it. Lasting friendships and RP sound infinitely more appetizing to me.

    13) Forum role-play is a powerful tool to complement our in-game experience. Have you engaged in forum RP before? If unfamiliar with forum RP, is this something you would be open to partaking in should you join MR? Occasionally and yes. While I might be poor at timing my replies with my busy work/class schedule, I'd absolutely do my best and would love to do Forum RP.

    14) The forums in general are vitally important to building camaraderie, getting to know your peers on a real and more meaningful level, and keeping up to date on guild and community events and happenings. Forum participation is a requirement of all members who join MR. Can you make it a habit to check our forums daily? I can. I would just add them to my bookmarks bar and make it a habit to respond to a minimum of one thread a day with at least one well thought out paragraph.

    15) TeamSpeak is the voice chat software that we use. While we do not require members to speak, it is highly encouraged. Don't forget, our primary goal here is to build lasting real life friendships, and that starts with a conversation. Not using Teamspeak will not disqualify you from membership, but know that you would likely miss out on meeting content, as well as a lot of general conversation that is routing through voice rather than chat. To be honest, I don't see a question here. HOWEVER! I have Teamspeak and am at least reasonably comfortable with being on a mic with people, becoming far more comfortable as I get to know everyone. I prefer Discord as it is lighter weight but I still have TS installed and would happily use it.

    16) This is an online gaming community which extends across many digital worlds. As a community we foster a safe and friendly environment for our members. These rules obviously filter into each of our sponsored games as well. Please read the Community Code of Conduct to ensure it is something you can abide by. Have you read the Code of Conduct, and is this something you can honor? Absolutely.

    17)What is your in-game name? FelurianRose

    The final question is optional as it pertains to real life:

    18) What can you comfortably tell us about yourself? (General age, location, occupation, education, family, pets, hobbies, other games you've played, etc.) I'm a 27 year old guy from Missouri who is, at least for the next few years, a professional student. I work at my college as a peer mentor (work study) doing general things and getting all of the job experience. I'll be graduating with my associates next year (2017) and will go on to get a minimum of my bachelors but with high aspirations to get my doctorates in English (Literature and Creative Writing focus). I live with my grandparents and uncle for now as my mom moved to a different state and my dad has always lived in a different state. I have four dogs, three of which are yorkies (Copper, Sophie and Wybie) and one of which is a cocker spaniel (Bitsy). I have all the cats (like... 5?) being named Tabitha, Finn, Lucy, Yeller (my old people are not clever with names really) and most recently, my baby Surtr. My hobbies include collecting things, enjoying cosplay (I want to cosplay but I can't right now... I kind of need my own place and more money for that) as well as gaming, reading, writing, sleeping and usually, some more gaming. Other games I have played include: Lots of them. DCUO, Marvel Heroes, Borderlands (all of them), Grim Dawn, Diablo I, II, III. Age of Wonder III. I play a lot of games. I played Archeage and Terra for a time but got burned out on both rather quickly. I do play SWTOR with a small group of friends, but we're all on hiatus from that to enjoy Legion!
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    Great app! As far as I'm concerned, you're in. Talk to Gelf or one of the other officers in-game and we'll get you set up. I'll complete your registration as soon as you send it through (you are still marked as a guest). Welcome aboard!
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    Awesome app, Bear! Can't wait to have you join us! Just poke me if I'm on (you have my BTag) or anyone else online from the guild and we will get you an invite. Good to see you!
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