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    Organizational Structure

    The Midnight Reveries is an online gaming community, not a guild in any particular game. Many of the guilds that we manage within games have their own unique breakdown of ranks for RP reasons, but those ranks end within the games. At the community level there are no ranks, but we do have two distinct administrative positions that we recognize: Community Admins and Game Officers.

    Community Admins (CAs)
    Our CAs focus their efforts on maintaining the community as a whole. They do not deal with games or guilds directly, but are instead concerned with unifying the community and maintaining common resources such as the website and Mumble server. Responsibilities include:
    • Direct the vision of the community.
    • Manage and maintain the website.
    • Oversee recruitment standards for community and official MR guilds.
    • Monitor and enforce Code of Conduct at community level.

    Game Officers (GOs)
    Our GOs are officers of individual official MR guilds within any particular game that we play. Their scope of responsibility focuses on the management, operation, and success of their particular game guild. Responsibilities include:
    • Create game-specific rankings and organizational structure.
    • Control guild RP.
    • Organize or appoint people for operating regular PvP or PvE events.
    • Manage day to day operations of games.
    • Recruit to whatever extent desired while keeping community standards in mind.
    • Monitor and enforce Code of Conduct within their own game.

    Both CAs and GOs listen to constructive feedback and make every effort to incorporate it into the decision making process.

    The two positions are not mutually exclusive: often there is an overlap between current CAs and GOs (presently many of our GOs are CAs), but they are separate positions in scope and responsibility.

    As a gaming community, we do not require community members to be active in any game/guild that we run. Our members are free to join or create their own guilds if they wish. We do request however, for the sake of organization, that the name “Midnight Reveries” be only used by CAs when creating a guild/clan.

    Check out our current list of CAs and GOs.
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