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On the Hunt!

by Decain on 05-16-2016 at 11:09 PM

This last week has been a whirlwind, and I feel like it’s only going to get crazier.

After getting introduced to this area in London, I’ve been bombarded with information and requests like you wouldn’t believe. I wouldn’t even know where to begin on half of it, but there are a couple pieces that I hope will make up for my lack of posts lately.

First off, and most importantly, I am on my way to Egypt where I have a lead on a group of Templars, yes as in the crusades, that are wrapping up a job involving cultists and mummies. My “contact” said the male in the group is probably one of the more sane individuals doing this kind of work and might be more receptive to what I have to say. I guess he’s caught up in some pretty deep shit with the Templars and that opening the can of worms to the masses might even appeal to him.

He won’t be alone though, and this is the part that worries me. Even more than mummies. He often travels with anywhere between one and three others who I’ve been warned to avoid meeting before introducing myself to him. I guess two of them are pretty close to him, and the very definition of loose cannons. The third woman is said to have a bit of a temper as well, but doesn’t live by the shoot first philosophy.

This might take up a good portion of my time, but the hope is when I get back, I’ll finally have the kind of story I need to show you all exactly what the world is really like.

In other news, I received a phone call from some dude who spoke like a 12 year old playing Call of Duty that said he was watching me and liked what he saw. A bit weird, but not all that crazy. People get prank calls all the time right? Well once I hung up I got a knock my hotel room door. Behind it was this massive man in a suit who handed me a folder and USB drive without saying a word. The folder had photographs of me from my first excursion to the site of that video and even one of me back home.

Scared the shit outta me.

There was some other stuff in it as well that I really don’t want to talk about until after I get back from Egypt. One step at a time, right? TL;DR – I might have other work on the horizon.

But we’ll cross that bridge another time. My Egypt trip is time sensitive, and Kiki stressed to me the importance of not missing this opportunity.

Also…..sand. Ugh……

Updated 05-16-2016 at 11:13 PM by Decain


And Now I See

by Decain on 05-06-2016 at 12:55 PM
Whether they are sinners I do not know. One thing I do know, that though I was blind, now I see.

I am still not entirely sure of what I saw, nor how much I believe. But I did see. And oh what a wondrous and terrible thing it is to behold.

My…..contact, who I know now as ‘Kilo7’ was not lying when she offered to show me what lies beneath our beds. We spent the evening at a club right here in London that is packed to the brim with people and things we are taught are fairy tales. Thinking back on it, I may have been the only normal person in that building.

I’m not certain how much I can really say on the matter. Kilo7 (that’s such a weird way to identify a person. I’m going to call her Kiki) informed me that a lot of what goes on in ‘the secret world’ is publicly known to some extent. A lot of it is covered up to look like something else. Other times, usually on the smaller scale that I am familiar with, they don’t even bother. We chatted for hours about this world of theirs. What it’s like, who the people are, and how it effects the world around us. You would be surprised how much of it interacts with normal society.

Also, no funky tune-out conversations that I can’t remember. She dressed far more professionally so maybe the blood was simply able to reach the proper head this time.

Everything about last night was terrific, but I think the best piece out of all of it was that she actually encouraged me to make my project known to them and try to set up interviews! How fucking awesome is that! She offered to do one herself, but she wants to see where I take things first. An understandable position when your livelihood relies on anonymity I suppose.

I have so much I wish I was comfortable putting out there. It’s everything I hoped for and more. Unfortunately, I think I still need some time to absorb everything and make sure what I do write doesn’t get me killed.

So, that said, I guess this entry can be summed up as follows:

It’s real.

Standby for awesome.


The Road to Greatness!

by Decain on 05-05-2016 at 01:46 AM
Perseverance. It’s a quality all men (and women…) must possess if they want to achieve greatness.

As I sat on the curb this morning, out of money and nothing to survive on except my laptop and a change of clothes, I was trying to decipher where I should go from here. Going home and writing for the paper again is the safe route, but I would get nothing from it. I could send out resumes again and try to enter into a career, but I could do that a year from now too. On and on I contemplated my destiny until well past noon, where I finally made a decision.

I’m here. I have nothing to lose. Why not forge ahead and see where the crazy trip takes me. Worst case; I call home, tell the folks they were right and I’m an idiot, and ask for funds to get home.

With a renewed resolve, I headed back into town to the coffee shop hoping to find the super helpful Asian stripper. For once, my luck panned out and she strolled in the door about half way through my first cup. I grappled with myself over strangling her for sending me into that fucking debacle, or asking for her number. In the end, being the timid piece of shit I am, I waited for her to notice me and waved her down to ask if she knew anything else about this “secret world”. Preferably something that doesn’t involve drugs or techno. She dodged the question and made small talk with me for a bit, which I was totally cool with.

She wore these skin tight jeans that were kinda like cargo pants…..except sexy somehow. Butt was everywhere. As for her shirt, I’m not even sure I can call it that. It did nothing to hide her lacy black bra. I might not have really been getting anywhere, but at this point some eye candy was welcome, and she even seemed interested in me as a person! Crazy, I know.

Thinking back on it now, there really is something about her that I can’t quite put my finger on. It’s as if no matter how determined I am to interrogate her or change the topic, I’m totally entranced. Almost like that drunk tunnel vision feeling you get when you try to focus while intoxicated. We must have spent a good two hours there talking and I have no clue what we talked about. Like I spent two hours watching her talk at me with no sound on.

Once she had her fill of whatever she was getting from me though, I lucked out again. Before she left, she gave me a slip of paper with an address to some bar in London that she is supposed to meet me at tomorrow night and “introduce me to the world of secrets.” I’m mildly concerned it may end up like the last venture, but hopefully I am a bit more perceptive this time around. That, and she has been the only glimmer of hope I’ve seen since leaving that village. If I am going to find these people, I need to take a chance.

Wish me luck.

Updated 05-06-2016 at 12:40 PM by Decain


King Shit-for-Brains

by Decain on 05-04-2016 at 01:50 PM
I have great news! I was given an award last night for being the most gullible piece of shit in England! There will be a banquet held in my honor tonight at my shitty little hotel room. The appetizers will be my self-esteem followed by a main course of poor life choices. After dinner, guests can expect a live show where I attempt to drown myself in the toilet.

Edit: It’s come to my attention that I should probably not allow myself access to my laptop when I’m drunk. The above blurb is on par with some of the more regrettable things I’ve done in my life and since I posted it on the internet, there it shall remain. Might as well own it.

The catalyst for that particular suicidal episode started out in the morning at one of the local coffee shops downtown. I was doing some research on supernatural events in the area when this drop dead gorgeous Asian chick plopped herself down at my table and asked me if I like monsters. She was wearing some rather revealing evening attire and my ability to assess the situation properly went entirely south in the most literal respect. We had quite a long conversation which ended with her pointing to me to what she called the ‘local scene’. Said it was frequented by vampires and that it might be my best hope for finding people with real knowledge.

Most people would see the bouquet of red flags wrong with that whole incident but I was awake only by the power of caffeine, and what little processing ability I had left was busy processing her cup size. When she took her leave I headed back to catch some sleep. The place these people hung out at didn’t even open until eleven and I fully intended absorb everything I could there.

I arrived around eleven thirty and was greeted by some Westley Snipes lookalike at the door. Our exchange was less than productive but a group of black clad druggies noticed me and got me in. Blade laughed at me and opened the door. Again, red flags. This time though it was my excitement of it all. That, and I am no longer in denial that I am horribly unadjusted to the real world. Life doesn’t pan out like the movies.

The inside of the building was utter chaos. Industrial music so loud I couldn’t hear anything but the base slamming against the brick walls. Everything was black except for the millions of tiny neon lights flying around. I followed my sponsors over to the bar hoping to chat one up but they were entirely uninterested in me, and I quickly lost them in the crowd. Alone and quickly becoming afraid, I ordered a beer and considered leaving. Before I was able to abandon what at the time seemed like a good lead, this skinny pale guy sat down next to me and ordered me another drink. I was thrown so far off by his unexpected advance that I missed the next armada of red flags as he flashed a set of fangs at me.

“This is it!” I was saying to myself. “A real Vampire!” because nobody can go to party city and buy a decent pair of prop fangs. If you’re laughing at me by now, you should be.

I’m gonna to go ahead and spare myself at least a small bit of humiliation here and skip a few bits. At the end of it all, I found myself in the local hospital (if you can even call it that) with a couple of puncture marks in my shoulder and learned that I was roofied. My ass does not hurt, so I at least believe I was spared that kind of punishment. No idea who dropped me off there either because I certainly didn’t get there on my own.

So now I find myself back at my hotel room, hoping my shoulder doesn’t get infected and wondering what the fuck possessed me to come out here in the first place. I plan to reconsider my “Grand Idea” in the morning, and figure out how to get home. Tonight though, I drown my sorrows once again in this shitty knockoff vodka and hope my card has enough on it to cover me another day.

Edit #2: No, I’m not actually suicidal. Stop sending messages and asking me to stream it.

Dead Ends

by Decain on 04-29-2016 at 10:52 PM
So I arrived in London earlier this week. It took a bit of work but I was eventually able to find the location from the video. It turned out to be a regular old block of businesses with nobody in the area recalling a blue haired woman, or anyone with firearms aside from cops within the last decade. I spent an entire afternoon schmoozing people for information on this girl, and didn’t get a drop.

By sundown I had packed up my hurt feelings and was on my way back to the airport until noticed an odd inscription carved into one of the local tavern doors. Barkeep said it was a ward that kept “other things” out and I almost started to cry. He didn’t know anything about a blue haired biker chick, but he had stories for days about the areas past dealings with the dead. Seems I had simply been asking the wrong questions. Guess who felt like a dumbass?

This guy.

Anyways, the guys story sounded very similar to what happened back home with the spectre. I went around and asked a few others about it and it was almost as if they couldn’t wait to tell me. Like they were amazed that someone who didn’t live there wasn’t accusing them of being insane.

From what I gather, there was a rather brutal string of incidents about a year and a half ago. Every morning someone would be found disemboweled in their bed. Doors locked, windows closed, and not a trace of evidence at any location. Shit got really crazy when some guy woke up in bed next to his wife, who at that point was plastered across every surface of their bedroom. This particular village had been historically “haunted” and the residents grew up on old wives tales of the vengeful dead. Once word of that painting job went public, all the old wives shouted in unison “ghosts”. Now while this is a small village, it’s not exactly remote or third world by any means, so the authorities couldn’t go around endorsing the idea of the dead adding to their ranks. As I understand it though, they were inclined to agree on an unofficial basis.

Word from the local precinct says one of the retired officers who helps out at the station in his spare time had ‘contacts’ who specialized in this sort of business. Guess he gave them a call one night. The next morning was the first in two weeks they didn’t find a victim. Nobody saw anyone strange or heard gunfire in the night as the video suggests, but the problem was gone. They found a few markers and inscriptions had popped up overnight as well, and took them as sigils to warn against future attacks. Sounds like that was enough to calm their concern, and nobody asked any questions.

You would think that guy with the ‘contacts’ might have been able to point me in the direction of the blue girl, but he ended up being the least helpful of all. When I bought up the incident he said, and I’m paraphrasing less than you might think here, “Fuck you, get off my porch.”

With those words of wisdom as incentive, I decided this place was a dead end and took my leave.

Seems to me that these ghost hunter folks are beyond exceptional at the work they do and I might be here a bit longer than I hoped. You would think it to be a disappointing revelation, but it’s actually quite the opposite. The thrill of the hunt has my blood flowing unlike anything else I’ve ever done in my life and the idea that these people are black ops quality sneaky helps me sleep much better at night.

I think my best course of action from this point would be to find other locations like this one and hope I have better luck. Just a quick search through some of the more reliable boards suggest that this area has no shortage of the unexplainable.