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  1. The Blitz-Bear Saga

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    Some call her a witch. An enchantress. An illusionist. A necromancer. An undertaker. An empirebreaker.

    Don't wander by the waterfront, they say.

    Others call her a prophet. Blood of Varen Aquilarios, even. A fortuneteller. A pathlayer. A destinymaker.

    Find her in the cliffs, they say.

    As for me? What do I think?

    Well, I suppose all the stories are true. Each one fabricated by drunken words belched in Imperial taverns, or by broken servicemen petrified around wartime campfires.

    Her name is Mara La Rose.

    And I just call her a friend.
  2. The Blitz-Bear Saga

    Quote Originally Posted by Kov View Post

    When a man finds himself standing between a great animal and its wounded offspring, all he can do is say a prayer to the All-Maker, raise his shield, and hope he can muster the strength to mitigate the incomparable frenzy he's about to endure.

    There is perhaps nothing more striking or memorable than the piercing eyes of a frightened, enraged and protective parent. The emotion. The fear. The love. All channeled into an exceptionally empowered assault.

    It took everything I had that day.
    GW2 , ESO
  3. The Blitz-Bear Saga

    Quote Originally Posted by Kov View Post

    It felt good to be home. Comforting.

    The past month has been a drain. Mentally. Physically.

    Now was a time to recenter.

    So many memories here.

    Zhi Zhi refurbished, polished and laid out my old plate sets. Every single one of them. Hung in my wardrobe an unblemished tabard.

    After donning the armor, I stood facing the mirror for minutes on end. Hell, it was probably hours.

    Reliving each victory.

    Celebrating the comaraderie.

    Mourning and honoring each defeat.

    I felt my life had real meaning back then. We fought with an unwavering resolve. To protect our families. Our lands. Our livelihoods. Our freedoms.

    And now today, as I stood before that mirror, for the first time since Sharle's passing, I stared into familiar eyes.

    Not the eyes of a lost soul.

    Not the eyes of a widower.

    The eyes of Kov Blitz-Bear. Son of Strom Scorch-Claw. The Maker's Hand.

    My family has passed into reformation now. And I've been displaced from my lands. But my livelihood and freedoms are still mine. And as long as my legs still carry weight, I remain a warrior.

    My mission. My father's mission. And those of the Handsmen, remains intact.

    To seek out and destroy the Adversary.

    And this time I bring friends.

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  4. The Blitz-Bear Saga

    Quote Originally Posted by Kov View Post

    The mornings have always been a time of reflection for me. In Skaal, the rise of the sun brought prayer. It was a chance to give simple thanks for a new day. It was an opportunity to ask forgiveness for sins of the prior. It was a rebirth. A moment to decide who you would be. An occassion to consider what you might accomplish.

    As I rocked with my mother at the age of six, her ask of the All-Maker stayed with me, her soft words crystalized in memory. "All-Maker, grant me the patience to teach this boy. Afford me the wisdom to instill in him your values. Forgive his misteps, for the Adversary is cunning. Punish him harshly, should he knowingly transgress."

    I've reflected on my mother's prayer for thirty one years now. I have lived a mortal's life. Imperfect and blemished. But I stand proud most mornings knowing I have lived a life that she would be proud of.

    I am reminded of home here.

    The ashfall is heavy today.
  5. The Blitz-Bear Saga

    Quote Originally Posted by Volikov View Post

    I stood there quietly for a good while. Observing. Listening. Evaluating.

    Group of strangers. Newly acquainted. First test. Reveling in a shared victory.

    The crew was building trust in each other.

    Trust in intent. Trust in proficiency. Trust in resolve.

    As usual I found myself absent from the conversation, replaying each individual's performance in my mind. Analyzing. Critiquing. Forming judgement.

    My own performance too. Out of practice. Reactions slow. Techniques loose. Sword needs sharpening.


    The Dunmer's wisecrack snapped me out of it.

    We all chuckled.

    And it was a defining moment.

    The group showed camaraderie. The foundation of any successful unit.

    I'd need to make a stronger effort to engage.
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